Go Lean, Think Green

— Environmentally-Friendly Lubricants for 21st Century Machining —

Minimizing Problems

These problems can range from incorrectly configured equipment, selection of improper lubricant, and faulty installation of industrial lubrication systems needed to meet the needs of the specific process. We can help you select the correct MQL system and lubricant for your process to increase production, increase tool life, and decrease the amounts of disposable waste.

Design and Installation

Here at MagLube, we can design and install the correct industrial lubrication systems for each and every process within the manufacturing arena and in your shop. Our lubricant manufacturers’ experience ranges from high-production CNC equipment to the smallest, most precise manual equipment.


Our MQL system is designed and retro-fitted to function flawlessly and transparently on your machines while utilizing the latest technology in pneumatics, injectors, PC logic controllers, and nozzle design. Each application determines the configuration of our systems to not only enhance your process, but to also use the least amount of lubricant per cycle of each machine. Our products are designed to eliminate secondary operations such as parts-washing and cleaning.